About Educask

Educask 3.0 will be an open-source project geared to create a better social network for education. There are many Learning Management Systems (LMS), but all don’t have the modern dynamic feeling and they miss a very large part of the classroom: the social life and conversation. Educask 3.0 intends to bring the classroom on the internet to life by encouraging dialog between students. It will be a crossbreed of a social network and an LMS and create a new category of web applications: the Learning Management Social Network System (LMSNS).

Educask has had two previous predecessors. Both are proprietary to EHQhelp and based on the awesome Drupal framework. The first version was named Bob and was more of a forum website. Educask 2.0 was a modern social network and worked wonderfully (though, some things were hard), but was hosted on servers located in the United States of America. Most Canadian teachers, for example, couldn’t enforce the use of Educask 2.0 because of privacy laws. By making Educask 3.0 open-source, schools are able to install Educask on their own servers without worry. With Educask running on their own servers, teachers across the world can encourage the use of Educask for their class.

Our Team (in alphabetical order):
  • Keegan Laur

Past members (in alphabetical order). Thank you for your help:

  • Keegan Bailey
  • Craig Isenor
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