Developer Preview
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Published on Wed, Jul 22, 2015 by Keegan.


I'm pleased to announce that the Educask Core Developer Preview 1 will be released this coming Friday (July 24th, 2015)! This is a major milestone for Educask as it represents the point where the Educask Core has reached a point for third party modules.

So what is the developer preview? Basically it is what is sounds like. It's the bare minimum Educask Installation needed in order for developers to start adding functionality to Educask. It provides a very basic UI - just enough to make your module work. As a result, there's very little user functionality to it. Here's a of of what will be included in the first preview:

  • Most of the planned Educask Core API
  • A basic theme for the UI
  • Install wizard
  • User logging in & forgot password

As you can see, it is just enough to start working on modules and themes. Think of it like a framework - similar to Symfony, CakePHP, Laravel, Rails, Entity Framework, .NET Framework, et-cetera.

You may notice that the developer documentation apperars to be out of date. The reason is I've changed the structure behind the Educask Core. Stating that, the documentation is mostly up to date - just in the wrong place. I'll be updating the documentation in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience: I really appreciate it.

If you're anxious to see the Developer Preview, check out the the Educask Nightly Github repository. The final version of Preview 1 will be located in the EducaskCore git repository on Github.

Thank you for celebrating with me in the milestone,